Software Consulting

PaynePoints leverages more than 20 years of experience to help businesses & development teams with software development.  Our software consulting services are practical and customized to your needs.  We make use of well-known and time-tested processes in our recommendations.  So whether you need specialized training, help with project management, design and architectural guidance, or just someone to roll-up their sleeves and write code, we can help.

We run the gamut on development technologies, and can focus on your specific needs and choices for language, processes, and tools.  At PaynePoints, we believe that software development consists of PeopleProcess, and Product, in that order.  Your team is your greatest asset, and the people on that team are the first concern.  Next, the process followed is customized to fit your needs.  Finally, the choices in product are your tools to see the software development lifecycle through all of its steps.

We can provide all of this and more!

Expert Training
Provide your team with expert knowledge they need

On-Site and Remote Development Training

Interactive Pair Programming

Developer Skill Evaluation

Agile Training for Developers

Agile Training for Stakeholders & Product Owners

Software Architecture
Ensure the foundation of your software is strong & stable

Database Design, Schema, & Performance

Software Infrastructure Analysis

Design Patterns & Practices

Architecture Documentation

Enterprise Architecture & Integration

UI/UX Design
Get help with creating beautiful & sophisticated user interfaces

Full Product Design

Wireframe & Workflow

User Experience Analysis & Design

Web, Desktop, and Mobile Application Design

Balanced Approach to Design & Development

Call For Backup
Give your developers fallback help on specific questions and problems

On Demand Technical Guidance

Expertise in .NET Framework, Java, Web Frameworks, & More

Remote Pair Programming

Developers Assisting Developers

Save Time on complicated Development Hurdles