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Consulting is listening

We take a different approach to business & software management consulting.  We know that when things are going well, the world is your oyster.  There is always something new around the corner.  However, you can't always stop from looking back.  Sometimes what's already been done needs daily attention.  Other times, the list of unknowns prevents you from moving forward at all.

Our name is our focus.  Show us a business owner, manager, or even employee without pain points and we'll show you some shadowed areas that haven't been thought about.  At PaynePoints, we like to think of ourselves as the good listeners who will help you sort out all of those questions and problems, kind of like a good friends who lets you vent over a coffee or something stronger.  We believe the core of consulting is being that good listener, and that's where we start.

So welcome to PaynePoints.  We hope that you will reach out and open that conversation about your needs.

Business & Software Management Consulting

Targeted Consulting

Our business & software management consulting services are adapted and customized to our client's greatest needs. Then we zero-in on the most difficult challenges facing the business.

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Experienced Advice

45+ years of experience and education allows PaynePoints unique insights into business and IT for small and medium size companies

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Pax Commercium

We aim to bring stability and comfort to our clients, allowing you to focus on your expertise and passion that created your business in the first place.

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Software Developers

Our years of experience in software development have taught us one thing - It's tough being the smartest guy in the room.  We collaborate with the teams who know their stuff. We help remove the hurdles they face on a daily basis.  Whether you need training or just someone to bounce ideas off of from time to time, we're there for you.

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Stakeholders & Owners

It can be exciting and overwhelming to work with a great idea that has as much potential as yours does.  For that reason, it can help to have a fresh set of experienced eyes to sift through the details with you and ensure that your project is well organized and on track.  We offer project management and consulting services - and not just for software.

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Students & Teachers

PaynePoints works with the education community to provide career advice and the benefits of our business and IT experience to students & teachers.  Our experts provide web-based sessions in real world business & IT practices, and welcome the student community to join us - at no cost.

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Our Client.  The person who needs us most right now.  We want to hear from you.  How can we turn your pain points into PaynePoints?

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"PaynePoints has helped us step up to the next level in our software development project.  Their guidance has helped to bring better organization and structure to the system, better utilize the resources we have on hand, and get to a point where we can really begin approaching a larger customer base to generate the revenue we already knew our product could.  When we encounter a business problem that seems impossible to cut through, we call PaynePoints."

Brandon Lansford LRS Houston